Academic Student Conference, Palm Beach Hotel, Larnaca, Cyprus 15-19 November 2017

ASTUCON 2017 - Destination STEM: Science - Technology - Engineering - Mathematics

Conference Venue: Palm Beach Hotel, Larnaca, Cyprus

Giving a Floor to students of all fields

The Academic Student Conference is designed to provide a platform for university students to participate in a conference either through presenting their own work, projects, theses, or through attending lectures and workshops, thus promoting a platform for students to share their work/research, connect with other social circles thus promoting the cooperation between the students from different universities and countries.

Career, Employement & Enterpreneurship

The conference will also host a session for «Career, Employment & Entrepreneurship» where businesses shall have an open platform to inform participants about different opportunities regarding future employment, start-up companies etc. This is either in the form of a lecture/presentation or in the form of information booths at the conference center. Sessions offered by enterprises and industry will have the name «From Theory to Practice».

Student to Business Meetings (S2B)

In 2017 the conference will host a 2 days Pitch BootCamp event where participating and registered companies will be given access to plan meetings and interviews with students for possible internship or employment. 

This activity will have the character of «Head Hunting». Specific information about the Pitch BootCamp is shown below. Special registration will be required by interested students and recent graduates.


Pitch Bootcamp

Programme description

Pitch Bootcamp is a 2-day programme that joins students and recent-graduates with companies. During the first day, students receive training on self-value discovery, market segmentation and value proposition design. On day 2, students put what they have learned into practice by pitching themselves to the companies present. Students will get feedback on how they can improve their value proposition to companies and on how to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing between different career paths. This will ultimately lead to work opportunities and empowering youngsters to making informed decisions about which career paths to pursue.

Goals and target

Pitch Bootcamp has the goal of empowering youngsters by capitalizing their talent into building great, successful careers. It acts on filling the gap that exists between companies and students or recent-graduates, by connecting them in a very particular and unique environment. Pitch BootCamp acts mainly on two levels: life-long empowerment and creating actual work and job opportunities.

The target audience of Pitch Bootcamp are, preferably, youngsters that are finishing their degrees and recent-grads. However, the event is open to anyone who aims to understand more about themselves and their positioning relatively to the market. This is because Pitch Bootcamp is a programme that has its value set on the participants’ experience, always aiming to elevate the intellectual perception of oneself and on how to capitalize that into jump-starting a career. With the training of the first day, participants.


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