Erasmus+ at Perugia, Italy: The Best experience of my life so far. I loved every minute of it.

Ever since I came back from Erasmus, people keep asking how it felt to move to another country alone. Every time, I narrate different parts of my story, but every time, I conclude to this phrase: "I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT".

The truth is, the beginning is terrifing. Dont believe anyone that says it was easy. You find difficulties in simple things and everything feels like a marathon. But the good things that come with them are countlessly more. Erasmus time was a blast. In those five months I loved Italy so much, I got stunned by all its beauty. I made friends that now can call family. I met professors that I admired and learned to learn in a new way. To think in a new way. I met people from all over Europe, Brazil, Guatemala... The list goes on. I travelled lots. I checked so many destinations off my bucket list. I learned to eat pizza every day. To drink espresso like water. To absolutely love trains and run like a pro to catch them. To be spontaneus and arrange last minute trips. To love all the places I've never been yet. To travel at five in the morning or two after midnight. Perugia became my home, and I loved every old, picturesque street of this city.  

I learned to go beyond my own limits. To be open to anyone. I learned that people have so much to give you and teach you if you have the courage enough to get close to them.

Most of all, I learned that fear is our worst enemy, and if you do not have the courage to risk for something new, you loose so many wonderful things.

And to all of you, who are scared, I can surely say that Erasmus has been the most amazing part of my university life so far and I will always been thankful for. 

Do it, you will absolutely not regret it. 

Konstantina K. Dept. of Sociology, Panteion University


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