Erasmus+ in Bordeaux: I could not begin to describe the bonds created

I begun thinking about what to write and my eyes filled with tears. I could not be more grateful to Erasmus for this experience that gave me so much to carry on with in my life; travels, an introspection and better understanding of myself, new knowledge and information, cultural awareness and most importantly gave me my friends, because everything always comes down to people.

Friends that so quickly became family and that I will keep forever.

I could not begin to describe the bonds created, or how I stop and gaze in space for a second whenever I think of Bordeaux, or how much more confident I returned, or how I open my photo gallery and go through the photos from time to time and reminisce those carefree, love-filled days.

One would have to experience it themselves to understand that feeling.

One would have to experience Erasmus to realize that the world is so big and we are all so different but as soon as we come together it is our differences that create the strongest, most colorful bonds.

Ariadni K. Dept. of Economic and Regional Development, Panteion University of Social & Political Sciences


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