Research Centers - University Institutes - Laboratories of Panteion

Panteion University, strongly committed to social and economic development and needs, encourages innovation and knowledge transfer to the economic sector. The Research Committee, the University Research Institutes, the University Research Centers and the University Laboratories carry out national and international projects in experimental, social, political and humanitarian areas.

Panteion University promotes and manages European/international research cooperation projects and through the (MoU) Memoranda of Understanding established and presently the International Credit Mobility Erasmus+ is carrying out comprehensive actions to improve exchange and mutual knowledge between professors and scientists from different laboratories, creating the foundations for greater cooperation projects.

Research at Panteion University is based on two main pillars:

  • The Research Committee and the Special Account for Research Funds Teaching and Research in the Faculties and Academic Departments of Panteion University
  • The research at Panteion University is undertaken in 38 research Institutes, Research Centers and Laboratories in which numerous academic tutors, new researchers and students participate.


  • Institute of Regional Development
  • Institute of Urban Environment and Human Resources
  • Institute of International Relations

Research Centers:

Department of Sociology:

  • Research Center of Social Theory and Applied Social Research
  • Hellenic Center of Criminology
  • Research Center of Economic and Social Researches
  • Center of Penal Sciences
  • Center of Social and Cultural Studies
  • Center of Historic Sociology

Department of Communication, Media and Culture:

  • Center for Classical Drama and Spectacle
  • Center of Eastern Studies

Department of Psychology:

  • Center of Cultural Development and Social Exclusion
  • Center of Social Psychology and Public Opinion Research
  • Center of Psycho-social Research of the Governance of Potential Communities

Department of Social Policy:

Center of Social Morphology and Social Policy

Department of Political Science and History:

  • Research Center for Modern History
  • Center for Political Research

Department of International, European and Area Studies:

  • European Center for Environmental Research and Training
  • European Center for Research and Training in Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
  • The Mediterranean Programme for International Environmental Law and Negotiation
  • The European Center of Economic and Financial Law

Department of Public Administration:

  • Governance and Sustainable Development Center
  • Study Center of Ancient Greek and Hellenistic Law
  • Research Center of Governmental Policy
  • Center of Researches and Management for Local Government and Decentralization Issues
  • European Center for Fiscal Law Scientific Studies
  • Center of Legal Culture
  • Center of Business and Organizations Auditing and Administration



Department of Communication, Media and Culture:

  • Communication, Media and Culture
  • Journalism
  • New Technologies
  • Advertisement and Public Relations
  • Culture and Culture Administration
  • Rhetoric and Speech

Department of Sociology:

  • Sociology of everyday life
  • Urban Criminology
  • Sociology of Education and Culture

Department of Psychology:

  • Experimental and Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Virtual Reality and Internet Research and Education
  • Social and Experimental Psychology
  • Clinic and Criminal Psychology

Department of Social Anthropology:

  • Ethnographic Laboratory

Department of Economic and Regional Development:

  • Economic Research and Geographic Information Systems

Department of Political Science and History:

  • Policy of Conflicts
  • Modern History
  • Political Sociology and Comparative Political Analysis

Department of Social Policy:

  • Gender Studies
  • Informatics

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